Microsoft Documentation

The .NET framework is surrounded by a lot of documentation.
However a lot of it leaves much to be desired.

There is a classic joke about a helecopter pilot that is lost in fog in Seatle.
He hovers near an office block and shouts out “Where am I?”
Upon hearing the answer “You are in a helecopter” he knows that he is at
Microsoft HQ’s documentation department and is able to fly diretly back to the
airport. The answer being both entirely accurate and completely useless.

This is a classic example. I have been trying to find out the purpose of
the EditorBrowsableState.Advanced option.

The documentation reads:

The property or method is a feature that only advanced users should see. An editor can either show or hide such properties.

This is again entirely accurate but completly useless.

The sample code that is linked to uses the EditorBrowsableState.Never option.
Why document the obvious case?

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