Types of Standup

Most agile teams following some form of Scrum hold a daily standup.

Typically this is held in the morning at a time when the whole team can be in. I have also heard of end of day standups. These work better for teams that work remotly across timezones.

There are several forms of this meeting.

The basic is the three questions:

– What did you do yesterday

– What are you going to do today

– Any blockers

Another that I prefer is to walk the project board from right to left. Duscuss all cards that are not yet done. This will ensure that the board is upto date plus can show when someone is working off the plan.

I have also worked on a team that held two standups a day. A full one in the morning and a second quick version after lunch to cover changes.

Building Wardley Maps using Graphviz

This is a more advanced example of using grapviz to build a wardley map.

This is a wardley map generated from Graphviz.

It’s not a very good map, as it’s not trying to solve a real problem. This is mostly to see if I can use graphviz to display this.

The next example is more realistic.

Cup of tea wardley map

This is one of Simon Wardley’s simple examples where a tea shop has built a custom kettle.
It’s a great example of demonstrating that you are possibly doing something wrong in an obvious manner.

The source for this diagram is here: https://github.com/chriseyre2000/diagrams

Using Wardley Maps to Document a Software Architecture

I recently saw a tweet with a diagram using the wardley map value chains to document some software.

This looks to be an interesting way of viewing a set of products.

Given my use of graphviz I thought that I would give it a go.

Here is the repo: https://github.com/chriseyre2000/diagrams

Wardley Map visualisation of a set of software products.

This includes the dot file for the above diagram.

The idea of the value stream is to show the dependencies from the visible to the invisible. The horizontal axis has the custom items on the left and the commodity ones on the right.

I will be experimenting with this for a while.