Chromecast for Business

The chromecast is the single most useful item to add to a modern conference room. Prior to this a  massive amount of time was wasted playing with cables. The simple addition of a cheap consumer gadget allows anything that can be displayed on a laptop or a phone to be transmitted to a tv screen. This is a massive time saver and will allow the development of presentations far more interesting than dusty old powerpoint.

Apple and Usability

I was always lead to believe that apple were the experts at usability.

I have now been issued with a reasonably powerful apple laptop.

When I attempted to download free tools from the appstore I was forced to create an apple id.

The registration screen had so much text that the ok buttons were scrolled off the bottom of the screen – but it had no visual clues including no scrollbar.

Entering an apple id password – it rejected the £ only after it was entered – not shown on required validations.

The # key is in the wrong place on the apple keyboard. You should not require an alt key. Have apple not heard of twitter?

There is something odd about the placement of the odd apple key – its just too close to the important characters that it alters such as XCV. At least if you use Ctrl as the shift then you get more natural finger placement.