Windows 7 Troubleshooter

This utility is intended to assist in fixing problems with a Windows 7 installation.
It simply a link to a website, which should work most of the time.

The big flaw is when the problem is in the network stack. This means you can’t go online so get left with wonderful suggestions such as “ask friends” or “search the internet”.

More About NuGet

I have been having trouble installing Nuget on my new Windows 7 box.
The first version that I got using the ASP.Net MVC installer was version 1.4
The upgrade tool did continually failed with an error about mismatched checksums.
You need to run visual studio as Administrator to be allowed to uninstall NuGet.
Having uninstalled 1.4 then I was able to install the latest and greatest version (currently 1.6).

Windows 7 Installation

Recently I purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 Premium and a Windows 7 Pro upgrade DVD. It was only during this process that I discovered that you can’t upgrade. The process insists on replacing the entire operating system.

At the end of this I was left with a PC with a VGA display and no network stack. I can’t believe that a modern operating system fails to install a minimal network connection.

Eventually I found that the restore process provides an installer that provides the 5 missing drivers. Why the upgrade process could not have copied them from the previous installation is best put to the developers at microsoft. In addtion could someone explain why a machine needs to reboot 5 times?

A definition of the Gerkin requirements language

1: Feature: Some terse yet descriptive text of what is desired
2: In order to realize a named business value
3: As an explicit system actor
4: I want to gain some beneficial outcome which furthers the goal
6: Scenario: Some determinable business situation
7: Given some precondition
8: And some other precondition
9: When some action by the actor
10: And some other action
11: And yet another action
12: Then some testable outcome is achieved
13: And something else we can check happens too
15: Scenario: A different situation
16: …

There are several .Net implementations that use Gerkin (or a fluent equivalent) to produce acceptance tests such as StoryQ

I like the idea of sending the business users reports that demonstrate that the requirements are met.