Digital Publishing: Writers Toolkit

Whilst preparing my book Development I constructed a small toolchain to assemble the ePub, mobi and pdf files.

I have chosen the “Bring Your Own Book” option on leanpub to give me the maximum flexibility.

From the project files from Development I have extracted a github project that can act as a starting point for writing another book: Writers Toolkit.

Currently the scripts to setup and build are mac centric but I would welcome pull requests for other platforms.

The build tools are based upon the wonderful Pandoc. I use this to turn markdown files into ePub and pdf files. The ePub is then converted into a mobi file for Kindle.

The only issue that I have had with Pandoc is trying to convince it to correctly form P2 paragraphs. I had been using the inline ## form for this. The other option adding —- to the following line seems to be more reliable.

What Mentoring on Exercism.IO Involves

I mentor the Elixir and Groovy tracks on is a Code Practice and Mentorship site.

Students sign up to various language tracks, attempt to solve problems and post a solution (which may or not be complete) possibly with a comment (mentors do like comments).

Mentors are asked to commit to marking 10 solutions a week, which should take about an hour. However it does not matter if you can only do one per week – every little helps.

Mentoring is a great way of deepening your knowledge of a language. You will need to be able to explain ways of improving code or hints on solving a problem to someone who may:

  • Not know the language
  • Have limited English skills

This is a great way to practice code reviews.

There is no need to have finished a track, although it may help if you have finished one or two exercises.

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