Neo4j is incredibly useful

I have been a fan of Neo4j for a while. Until recently I had only been using it locally on my machine to investigate a few simple uses.

Recently I have found about the heroku addon graphenedb ( This is a relatively cheap (for small graphs it is free) cloud installation of Neo4j.

This meant with a little effort I could have a set of scripts extract the current state of my employers CMS system and then provide an upto date view of the data in a trivially queriable form.

I have found that the easiest way to get  control over the graph is to simply start from scratch each day. The script extracts a set of nodes and a list of relationships between them and loads it up.  I know that it would be much faster to use the csv import tools but I have just to find a satisfactory means of getting the labels to be set correctly.

Free AVG Error Code 0xc0070643

This is the useful error message that my mother got when trying to upgrade Free AVG 2015 on windows 10.

To skip to the end of the story look for a utility called AVGRemover on their site – it will uninstall all AVG products cleanly allowing new ones to be installed.

I was called on to help. To start with it was using the latest installer to upgrade. It goes most of the way through the process (including a reboot) then fails with the title message.

OK, so the next attempt was to uninstall the previous version. This turned out to be more tricky than needed since the avgagent service fails to uninstall with the cryptic message that you do not have enough permissions to uninstall it.

Repeat running the uninstaller as admin, same result.

Attempted to stop the avgagent service as admin – still prevented.

Searches of the avg forum found a help operator had suggested using another utility (which failed to work even for the questioner).

Only when the feedback form had been given a detailed list of the problem did it provide a link to the uninstaller.

This is not a very friendly experience for an end user (or indeed an experienced software developer). If AVG know that there uninstaller fails enough that they put a repair utility on the site at least have the decency to link to it directly.