Beware The Demo Gods

I gave a talk last night at London Functional (hosted by Funding Circle) on and Elixir. During this I attempted a live coding demo.

This had been practiced earlier in the day. I make the typical mistake of trying to make a last min change without retesting. One part of the demo failed. Lesson for the future – don’t change a working demo on the day of a talk! – Lessons from the Students

I have been mentoring Elixir on for over a year now.

In that time I have mentored 4903 solutions across Elixir and Groovy.

This is a great way to keep your skills upto date in a language.

The students will challenge you with details that you will need to research. It’s the questions that you get that will stretch your knowledge.

You will need to explain unusual bugs and concepts to people who may not have english as their first language.