How to simulate a tfs build locally

When tfs is used as a build server it builds the visual studio projects differently to the way the IDE does.
Typically it will dump all of the build artifacts into a single folder (which breaks almost any post-build scripts).
However if you are building web applications it has a clever option that builds a useful web applications folder with everything that is needed to be deployed.
This happens for any web project where the output directory is redirected.

msbuild Whatever.sln /p:configuration=Release /p:OutDir=c:builds

This is useful when you have a web site project in visual studio 2010 (say a silverlight web project) that you would like to deploy but don’t have enough space on the build server to install the right tools.
This is quite powerful but would be useful if the documentation for this was more obvious.

MSDN Magazine Lag Time

I have been reading MSDN Magazine (and it’s predecessors MSJ and Visual Developer) for a number of years now.

Until recently there has been upto a 5 year lag between an article being written and being able to use it in anger.

Today I finally found a use for an article written in June last year (only 8 months behind)!

A really useful feature  especially when combined with  Code Generation:

(I have given up on adding tags around XML) 

    Compile Include="*.cs"

This allows code to be added to the project without having to explicitly edit the project file.  

Boo and MSBuild

Msbuild is microsofts answer to Ant. This is a build tool for the .Net Platform.

It has the minor benfit of being the native file format of the Visual Studio 2005 project files.

You need the .Net Framework 2 installed and to add the Microsoft Framework to your path statement

Boo is a lightweight .Net language.

Here is a sample that gets a task written in Boo for msbuild:

=== ===

import Microsoft.Build.Framework
import Microsoft.Build.Utilities
import Boo.Lang

class MyTask(Task):
public override def Execute():
return true

private _MyProperty as string

MyProperty as string:
return _MyProperty
_MyProperty = value

=== Test.proj ===

<Project xmlns="" 

<Target Name="BuildMyTask">
<Exec command="booc -t:library"/>

<UsingTask TaskName="MyTask" AssemblyFile="MyTask.dll"/>

<Target Name="MyTarget">
<MyTask MyProperty="Hello!"/>


You also need Boo installed (and on your path).
Copy Boo.Lang into the directory that you created these scripts in.

At the command line type: msbuild
This will build and run the minimal boo task.
I am planning to add a real msbuild task for boo.