Groovy equivalent of Nuget : Grape

Here is this documentation for the Groovy equivalent to Nuget.

This is a small sample:

@Grab(group=‘org.springframework’, module=‘spring-orm’, version=‘3.2.5.RELEASE’) import    org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate

Grape does not seem to go as far as Nuget’s allowing upgrades, but it does do the configuration in the source code.

Expanding into Groovy

I have spent the last few years working in the .Net ecosystem.

This has generally involved working in C#, PoweShell, Nuget and Chocolatey.

I am now exploring the JVM world.

In order to get the RatPack library installed (which is the Groovy version of Ruby’s Sinatra or the .Net clone Nancy) I have needed to install the JRE, Gradle and Groovy.

Getting Java installed on a corporate dev machine was a little tricky.

The installer was placing files in a folder that I don’t have execute permissions on.

The specific error message that I was getting led to a link that suggested downloading a java based tool to fix. There is a hole in my bucket…

Copying the deployed installer to another location eventually worked.

Several of the Groovy libraries suggest using gvm to install things so I have opted to use posh-gvm:
(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘’) | iex

gvm appears to be the equivalent of chocolatey for the Groovy world.

gradle is the equivalent of msbuild or more specifically Psake.

I now have a list of projects to investigate:

  • asciidoctorj – port of the ruby asciidoctor tool to convert structured text to html
  • crash – looks like a powershell console equivalent for the jvm
  • gaiden – creates html from markdown
  • glide – another generation toolkit, could not get demo to work
  • gradle – build tool
  • grails – web toolkit can’t get to install yet
  • griffon – looks like a wpf equivalent for groovy
  • groovy – Java based programming language without all the ceremony of java
  • groovyserv – speeds up groovy app startup
  • jbake – static site generator
  • lazybones – a scaffolder for ratpack (t4 scaffolder equivalent)
  • springboot – application framework template
  • vertx – nonblocking application platform.