Simpliest Possible App Stub

This project has a ridiculously simple means of creating a stub for a web service in the cloud:

  1. Create a heroku account (it’s free)
  2. Clone project
  3. Login to heroku
  4. Run one script
  5. Configure what the service does from a client app.

This allows the creation of a minimal web service in less than 10 minutes.

Wiremock is a stubbing web server – it sends fixed results to given patterns.

Wiremock server is a remotely configurable instance of wiremock.

Heroku is a low initial cost web hosting service.

Apple Stick Suck at Usability

The apple id system is poorly implemented.

It is possible for the apple id to be locked our because it is asking for a different account without prompting. It then requires that passwords not be reused for a year. It also has an insane complexity requirement and does not even permit the £ character to be used.