Web Services and Mono

I have been experimenting with MonoDevelop on a Breezy Badger Ubuntu system. Until now I had limited myself to creating Hello World style console applications.

I have just got a Hello World web service client to run under MonoDevelop. The only sticking point that I had found was forgetting to add System.Web,Services as a reference.

Given that the mono wsdl works that well we have a great opertunity for interoperability. The promise of web services can be realised.

Monoppix 1.0 Released

Monoppix 1.0 has been released.

Monoppix is a linux live CD version of Knoppix that includes a working version of Mono.

Knoppix is the major Live CD for Linux. It allows you to experiment with Linux applications without risk to your current operaing system installation. All you have to do is put the Live CD into the CD drive, set the PC to boot from the CD and reboot.

Knoppix is a must have for any PC user. I have managed to get Knoppix to boot and get online even when my PC’s hard drive had failed.

Mono is an open-source implementation of the .NET Framework. There have been complaints that it is hard to configure Linux to get mono to work. A live CD is the best way to demonstrate a working system (so you can easily find what is missing).