Mono on Ubuntu

This is an article I found about installing Mono on Ubuntu.

I have the command line compiler and am just trying to get MonoDevelop working.
It requires certain items that are not there by default on Ubuntu (not Ubuntu’s fault – it is still a young distribution and only includes stable tested parts).

Adventures in Linux part 2

I have given up on Mandriva.
It is a great end-user distribution but I wanted to extend it further and ran into problems.

My next try was Suse.
The Suse live cd failed to boot on the old hardware I am using.
Failure at the first hurdle.

Next up was Ubuntu linux.
I have a Warty Warthog CD.
The installer is text based and less polished than the Mandriva version.
However once you have told it what to partition it performs its own install.
It provides the basic items that you need out of the box and installs from one cd.

It is very easy to update using either the gui synaptic package manager or via the commandline apt utility.

Initial it seemed rather slow until I found that it comes with a kernel built for the 386.
It is easy to use synaptic to update to a newer kernel.

I then found out that Hoary Hedgehog the successor to Warty Warthog had been released.

The instructions for this are not very clear to the uninitiated so here is a simple version:

  • Open a console as root.
  • cd /etc/apt
  • chmod +wr sources.list
  • emacs sources.list
  • replace all references to warty with hoary
  • If you want non-official packages uncomment the universe lines (remove the # characters)
  • save and close emacs
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Wait and then you have a Hoary Hedgehog system.
I am trying to get a system with mono installed.

Ubuntu is a very young debian based distribution. With a little polish it looks like it will be a very good system.

Ubuntu is by default a Gnome system compared to the KDE default of Mandriva and Knoppix.

Adventures In Linux

I have recently obtained an old pc.
Work was throwing it out – it is a PII 333MHz with 256MB RAM and a 4GB HD.
I thought it might make a good linux box.

I can get it to boot Knoppix 3.9 – however the install to CD option failed.
I picked up the Mandriva Linux magazine from WHSmiths.
Mandriva installs OK.

Unfortuantely it was unable to get the graphics driver to work.
After a quick look around I found the /etc/X11/XF86Config file, once I had set the
screen resolution down to 1074 x 768 then kde could start.

OK it was not a working out of the box that it should have been – but for an older system it was not too difficult to configure.

Monoppix 1.0 Released

Monoppix 1.0 has been released.

Monoppix is a linux live CD version of Knoppix that includes a working version of Mono.

Knoppix is the major Live CD for Linux. It allows you to experiment with Linux applications without risk to your current operaing system installation. All you have to do is put the Live CD into the CD drive, set the PC to boot from the CD and reboot.

Knoppix is a must have for any PC user. I have managed to get Knoppix to boot and get online even when my PC’s hard drive had failed.

Mono is an open-source implementation of the .NET Framework. There have been complaints that it is hard to configure Linux to get mono to work. A live CD is the best way to demonstrate a working system (so you can easily find what is missing).