How To Get Your Users/GrandmaTo Send Bug Reports/Problems

This is a great introduction to the Problem Step Recorder (PSR).

It is installed by default on windows 7 and above.

You start the program on windows 7 by pressing the windows key (usually two to the left of the spacebar) then type psr and press enter.

This provides a video recorder level interface.

Once the record button is pressed it will capture all of the actions that the user performs while reproducing/demostrating an issue.

When they have finished they can simply hit the stop button where it will prompt to save the document it has created (by default it will use the desktop).

This document can then be attached to an email and sent to someone to investigate.

The only issue that I have with it is that if not run as an administrator it has a prompt about not being able to report on processes as other users – but this can be safely ignored.

Could this also be used as documentation for an application? Alternatively it could be used by developers to demonstate a given feature.