Useability issues

One of the reasons why Borland products tend to score above the microsoft equivalents is in the area of  small usability touches.

The .NET Framework has a LinkLabel control. The purpose of this is to allow hyperlinks &c.
However there is no desgner for this. You have to add the associated links in code.
While this is flexible it is more difficult than necessary to use for the simple case. Borland would have implemented the designer here.

Borland’s big problem has been marketing and sales.  Even when they have a superior  product they  cannot get the market to accept it.  Of late they seem to be diversifying into earlier stages of the lifecycle – requirements (CaliberRM), design (Together and Bold) and configuration/planning (StarTeam). It is difficult to complete against the Microsoft Universal licence (allowing access to almost all the development tools for a fixed annual fee) – Microsoft make their money off of the server products that the customers require. Borland could launch a product as a Visual Studio extender – adding in the missing property editors.

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