More Missing Stuff

Moving from the Delphi IDE to Visual Studio can be very frustrating.
While VS.NET is a real combine harvester in that it can perform a wider range of editing
than the Delphi IDE it seems to be lacking in some basic smarts that were in Delphi 1 ten years ago.

In Delphi when you rename the main form the equivalent of Application.Run is automatically updated. This may be a small thing but unless you want every app to have Form1 as it’s main form this is going to get rather old very quickly.

In Delphi when you leave an event handler empty (no code or comments) and build then the IDE removes it from the event handlers of associated objects. When you rename a control that has an event handler named after it the event is renamed and all of the IDE linked references are updated. If you have coded against it you need to fix these up yourself.

These are small things, but do grate.

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