Learning Elm (attempt 2)

This is the second time that I have attempted to learn Elm.
The first time I was reading Seven More Languages
That time the chapter dedicated to Elm was highlighting a feature that have been removed from the language by the time I got to the chapter.

I am now working through Elm In Action.

Elm was the inspiration for some of the javascript libraries (redux) but seems to have a better theoretical basis.

However it does have it’s rough edges. It has strong opinions on use of commas, spacing (if I wanted to fight whitespace I’d be using python).

The language has also not been released much recently and the maintainer does not seem to both with mac support. This means that tools like elm format are broken.

On the positive side the error message do include suggestions on how to fix the current error. They don’t always solve the problem in one step, but can help to find the problem. Oddly the language talks to you in the first person!

I can see that the Elm Architecture could help simplify certain types of development.
The plumbing required to add it to a page does resemble Angular 1

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