All About USB: Updating a Garmin SatNav on a Mac

This kind of thing should be easy right?

I have a SatNav and a computer.

The first problem requires a spotters guide to USB

Types of USB Connectors

While USB is the Universal Serial Bus there are lots of combinations out there.

Type A is the usual one used by plugs. Type B used to be used by some printers. Mini is used as the power supply for some devices. Micro A was used for older android phone and kindle devices. Type C is the modern EU approved standard version that is used by all modern phones.

The fun part is that the Garmin has a cable with type A at one end and Mini on the other (this is the end the goes into the Sat Nav). Mac currently only support USB-C. This is fine as I have an adapter.

The first A – Mini cable that I used (because it was in the house) did not work.
The Garmin Express helpfully suggested not using a hub and directly connecting to the computer!

The second A – Mini cable that I tried was in my car (and was the official cable). This one works.

Lesson learned: Mac port adapters do work with Garmin!

It is also weak at estimating download times. What started at 2 hours is going to only take 15 mins.

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