Developers Toolbox

A developers toolbox should include:

  1. A Statically typed language
  2. A Dynamically typed language
  3. A scripting language

This can be less that 3 different languages.

You also need to know when to use each of them.

Currently my go-tos are:

  1. Groovy

2. Elixir

3. Bash or Powershell

Groovy is a halfway house. You can use @CompileStatic to enforce the parts that you want. It has enough types to allow Intellij to perform essential refactorings.

Elixir is a concurrency-oriented language that is dynamically typed and functional.

Bash is great for glueing together small unix utilities. You can get a long way using sed, awk, grep, jq and curl.

For interactive investigation of systems there is always the powershell REPL.

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