Working with Hub

Hub is a cli for github.

I mostly use it for creating pull-requests or to navigate to the github page for the current repository.

It can be used for more, including calling github api’s

Here is an example of fetching a file from a repo (which would work based upon the credentials attached to hub).

hub api -X GET /repos/chriseyre2000/sample-readme/contents/ -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.VERSION.raw"

This fetches the content of the file.

Intend to use this to analyse the package.json of a range of projects.

These will be passed into so that I can load a neo4j database. This will allow me to analyse the package dependencies.

Microservices can result in a lot of packages ….

This is a script that can be used to load a node package.json from github into a local neo4j database:


hub api -X GET /repos/$owner/$project/contents/package.json -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.VERSION.raw" > $project.json
package_compare $project.json localhost neo4j magicbeans

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