On The Unsuitability of The Candidates

The UK faces the prospect of a new Prime Minister selected from a list that is packed with entirely unsuitable candidates:

Boris JohnsonMr Johnson is facing a private prosecution
over claims he deliberately lied during
the Referendum campaign.

 Mr Johnson is reported to
have replied: “Fuck business.”
Michael GoveI think the people in this country have
had enough of experts.
Stabbed Boris Johnson in the front during the previous
leadership campaign.
Jeremy HuntMessed up security contracts at the Olympics.
Hated by the NHS.
Can’t remember which country his wife is from.
Andrea Leadsom“Being a mother gives me an edge on May”
Withdrew from ballot versus May
Ester McVeyMisled parliament over the new Universal Credit 
Dominic RaabSurprised that Britain is an island

There are other candidates (and more will appear over the next few days).

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