Elixir iex documentation : B

This is the second part of an exploration of the Elixir base libraries

Here is an introduction to what you get out of the box with iex:

BBadArityErrorThis is a struct used for errors.
BadBooleanErrorThis is a struct used for errors.
BadFunctionErrorThis is a struct used for errors.
BadMapErrorThis is a struct used for errors.
BadStructErrorThis is a struct used for errors.
BaseEncoding and decoding functions
for 16, 32, 64, hex, url
BehaviourMechanism for handling behaviours
BitwisePerforms bit calculations.

Doing the same with :b gives the erlang modules

bbase64Base 64 encode and decode
beam_aUsed after code generation before
optimisation. Normalises the code.
beam_asmAssembler for the beam
beam_blockErlang compiler
beam_bsErlang compiler
beam_bsmErlang compiler
beam_cleanErlang compiler
beam_deadErlang compiler
beam_dictErlang compiler
beam_disamErlang compiler
beam_exceptErlang compiler
beam_flattenErlang compiler
beam_jumpErlang compiler
beam_libErlang compiler
beam_listingErlang compiler
beam_opcodesErlang compiler
beam_peepErlang compiler
beam_receiveErlang compiler
beam_recordErlang compiler
beam_reorderErlang compiler
beam_splitErlang compiler
beam_trimErlang compiler
beam_typeErlang compiler
beam_utilsErlang compiler
beam_validatorErlang compiler
beam_zErlang compiler
binaryHandles binary data.
This is the Erlang string type

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