Elixir iex documentation : A

I recently found out how powerful the iex tool is for documentation.

This is the general form of getting detailed documentation:

This is the start of a long series about the modules that you get out of the box.
1> h Module.function_name/arity

This returns the documentation on this specific function in the specific module.

I also found that typing a capital letter and tab expands the known modules.

Here is an introduction to what you get out of the box with iex:

AAccessKey based access to structures.
AgentSimple abstraction around state
ApplicationWorking with applications and their callbacks
ArgumentErrorThis is a struct used for errors.
ArithmeticError This is a struct used for errors.
AtomConvenience functions for working with atoms.

Translating Elixir/Erlang terms:

An application is equivalent of a windows DLL, something that you compose a system out of. A typical application would be a logging system.

Atoms are a non-garbage collected resource. They make convenient aliases to global things.

Doing the same with :a gives the erlang modules

aapplicationGeneric OTP Application
application_controllerKernel supplied application controller
application_masterKernel supplied application master.
Responsible for knowing the topmost
application_starterResponsible for starting applications in
a defined order
arrayArray structure, fixed or extensible
atomicsProvides atomic operations using
hardware instructions
authErlang network authentication server

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