Latest Azure Guest OS

As of the end of 2014 we have:

Family IsDefault Version
3 False WA-GUEST-OS-3.17_201407-01
3 False WA-GUEST-OS-3.20_201410-01
3 True WA-GUEST-OS-3.21_201411-01
4 False WA-GUEST-OS-4.10_201407-01
4 False WA-GUEST-OS-4.13_201410-01
4 True WA-GUEST-OS-4.14_201411-01

According to the documentation site (  the latest versions are due to expire on the 11th of January with the new versions being enabled on the 5th January. I guess that means a lot of people will have to spend their first week back at work testing the new os release in the 5 working days before the existing guest oses are retired.

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