Updated Azure Guest OS List

Azure Guest OS List

Family IsDefault Version
1 False WA-GUEST-OS-1.37_201407-01
1 False WA-GUEST-OS-1.40_201410-01
1 True WA-GUEST-OS-1.41_201411-01
2 False WA-GUEST-OS-2.29_201407-01
2 False WA-GUEST-OS-2.32_201410-01
2 True WA-GUEST-OS-2.33_201411-01
3 False WA-GUEST-OS-3.17_201407-01
3 False WA-GUEST-OS-3.20_201410-01
3 True WA-GUEST-OS-3.21_201411-01
4 False WA-GUEST-OS-4.10_201407-01
4 False WA-GUEST-OS-4.13_201410-01
4 True WA-GUEST-OS-4.14_201411-01

The official update http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/ee924680.aspx is a month old.

Some of the expiry dates are getting stale – it claims that items that are still active are already retired.

It should be updated weekly.

According to the source the most recent oses will become unavailable on the 11th January 2015.

This is great – straight back after new year on the 6th January and we will have less than a week to get the next os ready.

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