ITunes on Windows – Epic Design Failures

Apple are always pointed to as a company that is good at UI design.

However in reality things are somewhat different.

There are the mildly annoying problems such as the control with focus having such a subtle change of colour on the border (and no cursor) that data entry becomes much harder.

The password entry for “apple id” registration is a joke – you get the following error without having been told the password requirement:

“The password you entered is not valid. Check the password requirements and try again.”

Eventually by trial and error I was able to deduce the rules (Capital Letter + Number + Non Alpha Numeric).

Whrn you eventually get the email to confirm a request for an apple id (my wife took 5 attempts to get this to happen) it asks you to enter your apple id.

At no point are you told that this is the email address that you had supplied.

Adding a credit card fails unless you have clicked the right credit card brand image (you can infer the card type from the number).

If you have plugged your ipod in before installing itunes then you don’t get to see the ipod itself until you remove and reconnect the device.

When you change the location of where you want to store your music it will conveniently forget these changes and put them back where it wants to.

The iTunes application keeps throwing up the web browser which is confusing as hell.

Why can’t you simply treat the device as an external usb drive and allow music to be added there?

The iPod Shuffle itself is a great piece of kit.

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