Minimal Azure Cache in Emulator

The Azure Powershell scripts are great for small experiments:

First create a new directory and open a powershell prompt as administrator:

New-AzureServiceProject -ServiceName “CachingDemo”
New-AzureServiceProject -ServiceName “CachingDemo”
cd CachingDemo
Start-AzureEmulator -Launch

This will give you a minimal cache role running in the emulator.

This is only officially visible to other services running in the emulator.

However with the right sdk versions and config it should be available locally.

The following works for a local machine:

    dataCacheClient name=”default” useLegacyProtocol=”false”
host name=”″ cachePort=”20004″
securityProperties mode=”None” protectionLevel=”None”

Assuming that the sdk version matches the caching library.

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