Problems Stating Azure Compute Emulator with Diagnostics Running

Here is the port conflict article that will prevent the compute emulator from starting.

This is however an old sdk and does not explain how to detect which ports are in use.

This is how to do it:

netstat -ano | find /i “listening”

The emulator uses the following ports:

15095, 15096, 15097, 15098, 15099, or 15100

As of the October 2012 SDK the emulator runs from the following location:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindows AzureEmulatordevfabric

Here is the given advice to correct this (not yet tested):

  1. In the DevFc.exe.config file, locate the add port entry that contains the conflicting port value and modify the value to use a non-conflicting port. The DevFc.exe.config file entries that can be affected are:
    • <add key=”ManagementServicePort” value=”15095″ />
    • <add key=”RepositoryServicePort” value=”15096″ />
    • <add key=”AgentCallbackPort” value=”15097″ />
    • <add key=”AgentPort” value=”15098″ />
    • <add key=”PxeResponderPort” value=”15100″ />
  2. In the DfService.exe.config file, locate the dfservice element and modify the ManagementServicePort or RepositoryServicePort attribute to use a non-conflicting port.
    • <dfservice ManagementServicePort=”15095″ RepositoryServicePort=”15096″ />
  3. Press F5 to restart the application or run the CSRun Command-Line Tool.

However a restart of my machine cured this issue.

I suspect that it was caused by using on of the powershell scripts to start the emulator.

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