Logging and Tracing in Windows Azure

This is an article on logging and tracing in windows azure.

The author followed it up here.

Note that this was a 2010 article and Azure has moved on quickly so things could have changed.

The supplied Powershell scripts no longer exist.

The first gotcha that I have found is that the default connection string has moved so  the logging setup is:

public override bool OnStart()
// Set the maximum number of concurrent connections
ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = 12;

TimeSpan tsOneMinute = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1);
DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration dmc = DiagnosticMonitor.GetDefaultInitialConfiguration();
dmc.Logs.ScheduledTransferPeriod = tsOneMinute;

dmc.Logs.ScheduledTransferLogLevelFilter = LogLevel.Verbose;
DiagnosticMonitor.Start(“Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Plugins.Diagnostics.ConnectionString”, dmc);

// For information on handling configuration changes
// see the MSDN topic at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=166357.

return base.OnStart();

Note with the recent update in Azure SDK 2.0 you will need to set the diagnostics level on the service configuration page.

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