kino_wardley 0.6.0 Now with groups and documentation

I have found that ex_docs has some very useful documentation options.
This has allowed me to fully document the specification used by the kino_wardley_map component:

Here is a wardley map rendered with the latest version:

Sample Wardley Map

I have started to diverge from the conventions.

The new group option allows highlighting of parts of the map.
The following. is the code required to render the map."""
id myid7
height 800
width 800
title Tea Shop
anchor Business [0.95, 0.63]
anchor Public [0.95, 0.78]
component Cup of Tea [0.79, 0.61] label [19, -4]
component Cup [0.73, 0.78]
component Tea [0.63, 0.81]
component Hot Water [0.52, 0.80]
component Water [0.38, 0.82]
component Kettle [0.43, 0.35] label [-57, 4]
evolve Kettle 0.62 label [16, 7]
component Power [0.1, 0.7] label [-27, 20]
evolve Power 0.89 label [-12, 21]
Business->Cup of Tea
Public->Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea->Cup
Cup of Tea->Tea
Cup of Tea->Hot Water
Hot Water->Water
Hot Water->Kettle 

annotation 1 [[0.43,0.49],[0.08,0.79]] Standardising power allows Kettles to evolve faster
annotation 2 [0.48, 0.85] Hot water is obvious and well known
annotations [0.60, 0.02]

note +a generic note appeared [0.23, 0.33]

style wardley

group Problem [0.43, 0.35, 20, 70] yellow red

The next obvious addition is an indication of how to display inertia. I don’t like the implementation so may have to think about this.

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