Livebooks and Wardley Maps

Livebooks are the Elixir answer to Jupyter notebooks. They are very easy to share extend and version. Given how easy it is to install livebook as an application this makes it possible to have share buttons that open a copy of a livebook on your own machine.

This is where you can install livebook:

There is a button on this readme in github that can demonstrate opening a livebook from a URL:

Livebooks were initially developed to aid in machine learning. However given that they can contain a mix of text and executable content (machine learning models, charts fetched from websites, or now wardley maps) they can be used to share utilities, research summaries and complex information. This is in a form that is easy to version and share!

The practical use of this is that you can run a workshop and send all of the attendees a copy of the results! You can have multiple Wardley Maps mixed with whatever additional text or information that you need.

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