Why Boris Johnson Resigned: A memo to the future

Given that yesterday Liz Truss became our new Prime Minister we need to remember why Boris Johnson had to resign.

It came down to his inability to tell the truth. This lead to a record breaking 50 ministerial resignations and one sacking.

On 6 June 2022, Boris Johnson faced a confidence vote, which he won by 211 votes to 148 (59% to 41%).

No conservative leader has survived such a poor result, even if they technically won.

This followed the partygate allegations and his varying “not aware of” defence to events he had attended.
There had also been two bye-elections that had not gone

It was the varying stories of how much was known about Christopher Pincher, who Boris Appointed as a whip that finally finished him. It came to the point that 50 resignations were required to bring down “Big Dog”

Despite what will be said later it was not a “coup” or a “change in the rules”.

Ministers are expected to be honourable gentlemen who resign should their honour be questioned.

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