kino_wardley now has custom x-axis labels

I have just released version 0.4.0 of kino_wardley.

It now has custom evolution axis labels.

This allows the generation of Wardley Maps such as this:

Wardley Map generated with 0.4.0

Here is the code for the above:"""
id myid8
height 400
width 800
title Tea Shop
anchor Business [0.95, 0.63]
anchor Public [0.95, 0.78]
component Cup of Tea [0.79, 0.61] label [19, -4]
component Cup [0.73, 0.78]
component Tea [0.63, 0.81]
component Hot Water [0.52, 0.80]
component Water [0.38, 0.82]
component Kettle [0.43, 0.35] label [-57, 4]
evolve Kettle [0.43, 0.62] label [16, 7]
component Power [0.1, 0.7] label [-27, 20]
evolve Power [0.1, 0.89] label [-12, 21]
Business->Cup of Tea
Public->Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea->Cup
Cup of Tea->Tea
Cup of Tea->Hot Water
Hot Water->Water
Hot Water->Kettle 
evolution Experiment->Prototype->Production->Product

I have also found that support a lot more features than this currently does.
It will take a while to catch up.

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