Wardley Maps and Livebook

I am planning on improving the Wardley Map Livebook component. If this becomes fully featured I would like to see if the Wardley Mapping community would be interested in using livebook as a storage and sharing format. This could allow the formation of a catalog of Wardley Maps.

Livebook is great for this in being highly suitable to version control and the files can easily be shared. You can put multiple wardley maps in one file with commentry.

José Valim has suggested that I split the smartcell from the component. This is going to happen soon.

Yesterday I started refactoring the oversized javascript function. It may be possible to extract them into a distinct file to aid testing and future development.

Other future items to work on include:

– fixing the evolve syntax to match onlinewardleymaps.com

– allowing alternative x-axis labels

– handle the offsets for labels

– handle annotations.

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