Wardley Map Smart Cell (Early Doors)

As promised here is the first cut of the Wardley Map Liveview component: https://github.com/chriseyre2000/kino_wardley

Its not quite ready for publication as I want to tidy up the input format and closer align to the contract defined by https://onlinewardleymaps.com/

The following is the current install block

Mix.install([{:kino_wardley, git: "https://github.com/chriseyre2000/kino_wardley"}])

You can then add a Kino Wardley component (I am going to change that to Wardley Map).

Wardley Map Rendered in Livebook

The following is the code block that I would like to render:
  "id": "myid7",
  "height": "400",
  "width": "800",
  "map" : [
    "anchor Business [0.95, 0.63]",
    "anchor Public [0.95, 0.78]",
    "component Cup of Tea [0.79, 0.61]",    
    "component Cup [0.73, 0.78]",
    "component Tea [0.63, 0.81]",
    "component Hot Water [0.52, 0.80]",
    "component Water [0.38, 0.82]",
    "component Kettle [0.43, 0.35]",
    "evolve Kettle [0.43, 0.62]",
    "component Power [0.10, 0.71]",
    "evolve Power [0.10, 0.89]",
    "Business->Cup of Tea",
    "Public->Cup of Tea",
    "Cup of Tea->Cup",
    "Cup of Tea->Tea",
    "Cup of Tea->Hot Water",
    "Hot Water->Water",
    "Hot Water->Kettle", 

Here is a livebook that uses the component: https://github.com/chriseyre2000/livebooks/blob/main/wardley-map.livemd

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