Kubernetes and Elixir Part 2

It appears that the series that I linked to stopped at the first article.

Here is my plan for the weekend:

– build a generator to create the docker file for an elixir app.

– build a generator to build the skeleton for a Kubernetes/Helm setup

– deploy this to minikube

– establish how to network the nodes together within k8s

– establish and document how to connect to this from outside k8s usung both iex and livebook

– work out how to deploy to a pod running inside k8s

If possible experiment with the build server system from the link in the previous article. It would be good to use this to build something that could be used to test github actions locally or to recreate a heroku environment.

A recent Thinking Elixir podcast talked about per PR environments. This could be achieved with Kubernetes. A previous client had attempted something like this.

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