The Typescript Trap

Typescript is a distinct improvement over JavaScript in that you can find a whole class of problems early. This can lead to the assumption that you need less testing, which is unwarranted.

Typescript is strictly a preprocessor. The types only exist at compile time. This can result in a system that is capable of getting into states that the compiler would imply are impossible.

I have recently been working with GraphQL and the Relay compiler. In one example I had a type with a field marked as not null. Due to some interesting decisions of the Relay caching ( performance is preferred over accuracy) it could set the non-null field to be null. This was due to some aggressive caching where a query in an unrelated component could replace the value returned. This causes non-local bugs, requiring extensive analysis and testing. One of the possible solutions to this is for the Relay compiler to remove all non-null contraints – something that may be accurate but will require excessive null checks!

Typescript is not magic, you do need to test the application and at an aggregated level.

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