First Looks at Tailwind CSS

I am working through the book Modern CSS with Tailwind.

Tailwind is a css framework for styling a website.
It is strongly opinionated on certain things.
To start with it includes a complete reset library that removes all browser default styling for all HTML elements.
The markup is effect describing rather than semantic:

text-gray-300 hover:text-gray-700

This is intended to make the markup very easy to understand, at the price of being verbose.

Tailwind CSS 2.0 has taken the decision not to support Internet Explorer 11. This will allow a lot of modern (or technically by now non-ancient) CSS techniques to be used. This would prevent me from using it on my current client who still has a 1/6 of the users reporting as ie 11.

Microsoft have made some announcements about their support for IE11:

Microsoft teams has already stopped supporting IE11 as of November 2020.
Microsoft 365 (the current name for the online office suite) will drop IE11 support in August 2021.
It will be interesting to see how quickly the big corporates drop IE11 support.

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