Again working though Programming Phoenix

I am now on my third pass through this book.

The first time through it was still in beta.

The second was at the first release.

Now I am working on the >= 1.4 Version

Here is the repo that I am working on (now at Chapter 6):

You need to note that sometime you need to edit the code *before* running the ecto.migrate command that prompts you in the console.

The new structure of a Phoenix app is much cleaner. Keeping the domain and the site in the same project helps. The scaffolding is amazing.

For those that don’t know, Phoenix is Elixir’s answer to Ruby On Rails.

That means that it is both an MVC Framework and an associated set of code generators that allow scaffolding of the site. It defaults to using Postgres as a database, but given that the data access uses the wonderful Ecto framework you get migrations and a data access layer.

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