Tools to help Elixir Exercism.IO Mentors

I have been mentoring Elixir on Exercism.IO for about 6 months.

Over that time I have started to build a collection of tools to help with the mentoring.

This is the major trick that I use to help find problems:

grep -v @tag *_test.exs > test.exs && elixir test.

I also have my notes for mentoring:

I have now found that you can install credo to run globally (apparently this is contentious – it can cause problems if you have different versions installed locally and globally):

git clone

cd bunt


mix archive.install

cd –

git clone

cd credo

mix deps.get


mix archive.install

Once you have that then you can now use:

mix credo *.exs –verbose –strict

It’s also useful if students are having trouble with documentation to submit pull requests to:

  • – Elixir training
  • elixir-lang – Elixir documentation
  • elixir – Hex docs

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