Viewing a Contentful space in Neo4j part 2

I have now completed a minimal version of the mapping tool.

The code can be found in this github repo:

There are some warnings before you use this script:

  • It will empty the target neo4j database before populating it.
  • All of the data is written to neo4j in a single transaction. This will be corrected soon.
  • I don’t yet handle all primitive field types.
  • I have not yet added links to assets embedded in markdown fields.
  • It has only been tested on a local machine with a local neo4j.

I can’t guarantee that it will work with all Contentful spaces yet. So far I have only tested it on the demo space that comes when you sign up for a free Contentful account.

If you do have problems please send me either a pull request or a failing test case (show me the schema of the problem content type).

Once you have the neo4j database populated it becomes trivial to find orphaned items. I’ll add some useful samples queries to the documentation.

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