Viewing a Contentful space in Neo4j – Part 1

Contentful is a really effective headless CMS. It’s api does have some limits (you can only query user defined fields across a single type at a time).

A few years ago I managed to find a way of mapping a contentful space into a Neo4j graph database. This allows full querying of the data in contentful. This can be useful for finding where a given image is in use or finding pages that are orphaned.

I am now trying to recreate this library as an open source node project.

I have started by creating a free contentful account (provided I only have one space and live within the limits this will be fine for my purposes).

To query contentful I am using the contentful npm package.

So far I can query the assets and content types in my space.

Initially I am going to use a local version of neo4j but will be moving to a Heroku hosted version. Neo4j community 1.1.6

I’ll add to this series as I progress.

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