Phoenix for Rails Developers – Part 1

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Phoenix for Rails Developers.

(Thanks to @plataformatec)

This gives me one more thing to study!

Oddly I am not a Rails developer (but have worked on a number of frameworks that were inspired by Rails).

So far I am working through the main examples and will post them here:

I am developing this using Visual Studio Code.

Typically I also have two terminal tabs open.

The first is to run the application in:

mix phx.server


iex -S phx.server

The second is used for generator or to update git.

I am working with Elixir 1.6.4

So far the book is a gentle introduction to Phoenix. The language is introduced as needed.

It has stayed away from more complex Elixir topics (OTP).

When I have made typos the Elixir compiler will always tell you exactly where you have made the mistake, although it is not always obvious what the mistake was. The live reloading of the web application does allow for very rapid feedback. You do need to remember to restart the app on non-website changes.

The only catch that I have had so far is setting up Postgres locally. All other details have been clearly explained.

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