Learning Elm Part 2

I am now working through the Elm samples and converting them into a elm-reactor application.

The source is here on github:


Reactor looks really useful. Elm applications hold their state in it’s model.

The default reactor app allows you to preview the commands sent to the model. This will make creating test cases really easy. This is the big advantage of functional programming – there are no side effects.

The type specifications reminds me of Delphi’s interface/implementation split or of C header files.

Interesting note: elm-reactor is case sensitive:

Ask for filename.elm and it compiles and runs the page.

Ask for filename.Elm and it shows the source.

So far I have needed to add:

elm-package install elm-lang/http

elm-package install elm-lang/svg

elm-package install evancz/elm-markdown

elm-package install elm-lang/html

elm-package install elm-lang/websocket

elm-package intstall elm-lang/mouse

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