Dev-ops or No-ops

The team that I am working on has been described by our outgoing contractors as a DevOps team. We develop, deploy and support the site. We add monitoring to everything we can (sometimes after it goes wrong once). We are an agile team loosly working in a scrum setup. The trick we have is to always dedicate one pair (or half a pair if the team is odd numbered that week) to the operations channel. The team member that is on the support rota gets first option of working on the operations tickets this week.

Dev-Ops is normally about having a dedicated team that perform automation and monitoring of systems. We do have that happening but from within the team. There is no passing it to an “other” team. In that sense we have achieved No-Ops – there literally is no ops team that we can pass off problems too (OK we have various vendors to manage but that is a different matter).

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