Vodafone are Idiots

They will send a phone to an address that is not associated with the bank details that they have!

Vodafone have just fallen victim to a classic scam.

A courier delivers a phone to an address (unexpectedly). Half an hour later a motorcyclist collects the “mistaken delivery”.

The delivery company is genuine, the phone is real yet no actual bank details have been checked. Vodafone have sent a phone out without checking the address associated with the bank account that is paying for it.

In addition the customer services automated phone system requires you to have an account number before  they will talk to you.

The online chat system (clearly staffed from India) is more useful and they are able to provide details of the fraud team number – but even that maze has a few dead ends. You get to choose 1 for fraud or other phone problems, but the next menu can’t cope with general fraud.


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