Querying Pottermore

Here is a powershell script for finding new articles on pottermore:

Save this as pm-history.ps1:


[xml]$data = (invoke-webrequest -uri https://www.pottermore.com/sitemap.xml | select Content).content

$date = [DateTime]::Today.ToString(“yyyyMMdd”)

$data.urlset.url.loc | sort > “Pottermore$($date).csv”

$data.urlset.url.loc | % { ($_ -split “/”)[3] } | group | where Name -ne “” | sort Count -Descending | select Name,Count | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path “Pottermore_Stats_$($date).csv”


To use it open powershell in the directory it is in and use:




Once you have more than one days data then you can easily get the difference between dates:

compare-object (gc .\Pottermore20151207.csv) (gc .\pottermore20151206.csv)


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