Azure SDK 2.0

Azure SDK 2.0 has been released.
Here are the the release notes.

Breaking Changes:

  1. Windows Azure Diagnostics no longer requires 1.7 storage
  2. .NET Framework minimum version is now 4.0
  3. ServiceRuntime, Configuration and Caching assemblies are now built against the .NET Framework 4.0 runtime. So upgrade all apps to target .net 4.0
  4. Windows Azure Connect– The Windows Azure Connect preview is being retired June 30.
  5. Hosted Web Core Support- Windows Azure web roles now require a <Site> element in the service definition file (CSDEF) for your role.
  6. CSUpload.exe warning- CSUpload.exe now emits a warning recommending that you use Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets to upload VHDs to Windows Azure.
  7. Service Bus client library – the Message Buffer feature, and all APIs related to MessageBuffer have been removed. You should instead use Service Bus queues.

Here are the actual code breaking changes.

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