Adventures in MVC and Entity Framework

Recently I have been studying the ASP.Net MVC 3, EF and MVC Scaffolding.

I have been having fun getting these to install on the VS 2010 Web Express Edition.
I started with the ASP.Net MVC 3 installer. This worked.
It includes NuGet (although as I later found out this is v1.2).
I used NuGet to add MVC Scaffolding. This failed to install corrected declaring a dependency upon NuGet 1.4
Eventually I found that if you uninstalled NuGet, downloaded the latest version and installed it as an administrator then it worked.

I also found some other details about the NuGet Package management console. It is simple an embedded version of PowerShell that has full access to your machine.
This means that any unknown command will attempt to use any exe’s on your path.

I was also caught out when I used an empty MVC project as a starting point. I kept on getting resource not found for my main page. I had neglected to add an HomeIndex.

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