Minimal Rhino Mocks sample

var myMock = MockRepository.GenerateMock();
Console.WriteLine(myMock.Execute(“Hello”) ?? “”);

MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository();

var myMock2 = mocks.Stub();
using (mocks.Record())
Console.WriteLine(myMock2.Execute(“Hello”) ?? “”);

I still wonder why mocking frameworks are so popular. Handcrafted mocks seem to do the job quite well and are easy to implement as:

Stub – Ignore inputs and return as little as possible (I frequently return 42 as an integer result)
Spy – Record and log callers.
Saboteur – fail in a controlled fashion (i.e. a stream that will fail with an exception upon the fifth byte read).

If your interfaces are too big then you are not following SOLID properly. If changing the interface causes too many problems then you have not isolated the tests from the code enough (factories and helper methods).

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