Sharepoint and the BDC

The expensive version of Sharepoint comes with the Business Data Catalog.
This is a means of describing sql commands, stored produres and web services in such a way that Sharepoint can call them to obtain required data.

It is advised not to attempt to use Sharepoint as a high volume transactional system.
The problem is that I need to feed Sharepoint from such a system.

Use of the BDC is ideal for real time lookups of small amounts of data via direct calls.
For static data the use of web services is ideal as you can use the webserver to cache the data that will not change intra day.
However if you have large lists of data you don’t want the transactional system to be hammered with big queries.
As a result we are using a “service” application (OK it’s a GUI – but it could be a service) to update a status table and then push the data into a sharepoint list. This list will then trigger workflows.

I would have liked to use a MSMQ for this but apparently this will not work with our multiple redundant server farm.

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